President’s message

Dear friends and members of the Youth Entrepreneurship Club NE, in June of 2010 the Club NE was born, a vision that became a tangible reality.

When we began this endeavor with all the board of directors, we have been aware of the difficulties that we were going to face during the accomplishment of this venture. Today, we live in an arduous era, in the midst of a global economic crisis, in a hostile environment for the business domain, as every day a lot of businesses fold up, particularly in our town and in the region of North Greece, with the rates of unemployment to keep soaring and the market to keep shrinking steadily, in a country with an insignificant growth and in a marketplace without any capital and liquidity, where those of people who are doing business tend to remain helpless in the disposals of a fickle economic environment but also those brave people who resist vigorously, seem to stand against the uncertainty of the future.

Thus, we have deliberately chosen to build up the first club of Youth Entrepreneurship during the specific period of time and in a such hazardous environment, in order to resist the crisis and simultaneously to assist all the existing entrepreneurs as well as those who want to attempt their first steps in the business territory and hence, to give an additional solution.

Therefore, through the networking of the members, the emergence of the business problems and the strengthening of the members’ relations, a common meeting place for young entrepreneurs was created in order to help the demonstration of a capable and dynamic network for the collective empowerment of the entrepreneurship in Greece and abroad. The aim is to combine the expertise of the older ones with the willingness and freshness of the younger ones because nowadays only a “united strength” can bring the desirable and tangible results.

Last but not least, I would like to urge you to join our club and become aid-givers in our effort, because the members of the Club NE constitute the source of its strength.

So come to support the business domain and lay the foundations for a better future, a future that we will be able to contemplate with a more optimistic way.
Based on your support, we make much headway!!!