Building business culture is one of our main motos and the basis for this, is our concern for unity through our members. Youth Entrepreneurship Club (Club NE), equips every young entrepreneur with skills and knowledge from the conception of an idea until the final accomplishment in all levels.


In any case, we are not business consultants, we are a group of active and motivated professionals and entrepreneurs, who have a common vision for mutual collaboration, solving problems and make the world, keep moving.


Achieving the above, Club NE formed a list of significant privileges, exclusively all the Club NE members can acquire. Promoting collaboration, continuous education, building trust and many others that benefit business world.


10+1 privileges for NE members


  1. Promote your business in our annual business guide we share with the world.
  2. Participate freely in our business trips and get connected with company executives.
  3. Free entrance to all our events and certified seminars.
  4. Advertise your work in every event we organize through commercials, visual screens, banners, invitations etc.
  5. Discount in general or field exhibitions.
  6. Full accesses in our members list plus contact information.
  7. Special offers for members within our network in products and services.
  8. Access in limited events with special guests.
  9. Participate in specialized briefings about legal, tax, investments etc.
  10. Suggest solutions and indicate malfunctions in public services and carriers.
  11. Connecting NE members with our branches abroad and affiliated business clubs for easier access in the international environment in USA, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands etc.